Sew Heart Felt

Sew Heart Felt Slippers - Oddette Swan Slippers


Gorgeous New Odette Swan Slippers ONLY at Le Petit Organic!….

Odette is skillfully created by shaping organic wool with soap, water and hand pressure. Fine needle felted detail and appliqué feathers brings the gorgeous Odette slippers to life....

She is finally presented in a magical powder pink crown with little bells!

Each pair of Sew Heart Felt Odette slippers are quite unique.

Beautifully wrapped in an organic, cotton Sew Heart Felt draw string pouch.



0-1 years (11cm or 4.33 inches)

1-2 years (13 cm or 5.12 inches)

2-3 years (15 cm or 5.91 inches) 

4-5 years (17 cm or 6.69 inches)

1-2 Big Kid Size


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