Eef Lillemor

Eef Lillemor Folding Crate / Mini

Coconut White
Milk Tea
Lime Green

Eco-friendly: made with 100% recyclablematerial, capacity 4 liters, loading Capacity 2,5 kg. Easy to use, foldable and stackable, all panes removable and washable.

You can make your daily life easier and more practical with this folding crate, designed for creative home organizing and storage! When you are not actively using the folding crate, you can fold and save space. Very superimposable and very durable under high load. You can use at home, office, outdoor, car, warehouse and anywhere you imagine!

Exterior 27 x 17 x 10,5 cm, interior 24,6 x 15,7 x 10,4 cm, folded 27 x 17 x 3 cm (it takes up only 20% of its original space!). Complies with FDA, BGA and all food standards.

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