February 26, 2017 1 min read

Louise Misha has always been one of my favorite collections. The dainty lace, and vintage girly fashion is just the reason why I love it so much. Not to mention the attention detail and exquisite embellishments that makes it worth every penny. When you invest in a piece from Louise Misha, trust and believe it's worth it. You can style it up or down; the pieces are made to have your little girl looking her best. As a mom with two daughters, I get pieces form Louise Misha every season, because it makes them feel so special. Heck, it makes me feel special because you cannot get pieces like these at your local mall.

I hope you enjoy the pieces that I have selected. It is always hard to narrow down each season. But I find joy in choosing pieces, and I hope you love our selection too.

Introducing Louise Misha Spring 2017


Andalusian  summer ... Earth, sea, sand sunburned, light soften ...
Let go, follow your sensations, the cicadas, the journey of the clouds, the lost trails.
The girl's collection Summer 2017 Louise Misha invites you to stroll and bohemian life. Carried by soft and warm colors saffron, caramel, zinc, petal, burns, it subtly combines lace and old embroideries, pompons and Indian prints. A true invitation to travel and serenity.


Louise Misha Spring 2017


Our Beautiful Selection of Louise Misha pieces




Louise Misha

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