About Le Petit Organic + Le Petit Elle

- Who We Are -

Le Petit Organic (LPO) is a New York based small retailer that brings diversity and inclusivity to the children’s clothing and accessories market, while focusing on sustainable, handmade, vintage-inspired heirloom clothing for all children. Launched in late 2013, LPO sells fun and quirky children's clothing and accessories for ages 0-10 years. 

Expanding on her vision for diversity and inclusivity, in 2016, owner Sanjay launched Le Petit Elle (LPE). LPE is her private label collection of vintage styles for the modern girl. Made from mostly natural fabrics and organic cotton, the collections are created for girls with sensitive skin.


Who is Sanjay?

Sanjay is a wife and mother of three beautiful children, the founder of Le Petit Organic (LPO) online children’s boutique and Le Petit Elle (LPE) private label children’s collection. Prior to launching both, Sanjay completed her degree in fashion merchandising at the Fashion Institute of New York and worked in fashion, at various levels. She is a perceptive designer and savvy business woman who has a keen sense of awareness of what was missing from the children’s clothing small shop market. As a result, through the launch of her boutique and private label she became the brand that links great quality and vintage designs for all children, while promoting diversity and inclusivity.


How are LPO + LPE supporting others?

LPO works with local, national, and international businesses to offer the best quality children’s accessories and toys.

LPE works with a diverse group of minority entrepreneurs hailing from all over the world—the Caribbean, South America, Central America and China. Each person brings unique skills, perspective and business savvy to the LPE brand and Sanjay’s visions for the growth of her line each season. Each item is handmade in New York City with a focus on great quality and care to ensure it becomes an heirloom piece of clothing for any child. 

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